Keith Tatum often fills his work days thinking about thinking—his brain is always on its toes helping others get their ideas out into the world. And during this time spent deep thinking, he’s discovered some useful brain tools that can be leveraged to make your thinking more organized, productive and visible. Here’s the first tip: if you're reading this, and you recognize you have a mind, chances are there are methods to enhance and improve your thinking. In this PluggedIn session, you (and your brain!) will be engaged in hands-on activities and practical guidance to help you unpack your most valuable talent—how YOU think.

About the Presenter

Keith Tatum—Experience Architect, Pillar Technology

Keith is passionate about making experiences work in the ways that people need and expect. With a background that combines illustration, design, and information architecture, he draws on his diverse skills to shape and improve Pillar digital experiences—always in the pursuit of delivering digital delight.

Prior to Pillar, Keith worked at Resource/Amirrati, where he was a creative director for the agency’s retail portfolio, working with brands such as Bose, Sherwin-Williams, CVS Pharmacy and Kohler. He has also managed user experience teams for DSW and Ologie. Keith earned a BFA in illustration with a minor in advertising design at Columbus College of Art and Design.

When Keith is not focused on experience work, he can be found experimenting with visible thinking on his Instagram:

Date: Thursday, November 8
Time: 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Place: The Des Moines Forge —1420 Locust St., Des Moines, IA 50309